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                 Neel Landscaping & Design has been
                 installing irrigation systems for over 30
                 years. Using top-of-the-line irrigation
                 products, such as Rainbird©, Hunter©,
                 Wilkin's©, Lasco©, Watts© & Carson©, we
                 try to design every system for ‘match
                 precipitation parts,’ meaning adequate
                 overlapping of nozzle spays. Every
                 sprinkler head is installed with either a
                 double or triple swing joint, for more
                 flexibility at the head & to aid in
                 maintenance repair. The use of Rainbird
                 Modular Controllers© gives the
                 homeowner the flexibility to add future
                 stations to your sprinkler system.

                 Water consumption is becoming a concern
                 in most cities. The proper installation of
                 an automatic irrigation system can put
                 the water exactly where you want it & for
                 an exact amount of time. This will not
                 only conserve water, but reduce water
                 bills as well.

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